Vishwa CNC Technologies Pvt.Ltd

The roots of Vishwa CNC Technologies lie in a small company founded 15 years back, providing CNC Machined components. From machining, VCT has transformed itself to a full fledged forging Unit adding Mechanical Presses ranging from 500T to 1300T with capability to forge up to 2.5Kg

Company is pioneer in manufacturing precision warm forging Lug Gears for automobile industries. Besides Forging and machining, company also has in-house Tool Room equipped with all types of CNC machines.

Company has its own heat treatment plant for hardening of Tool Steel as well as Gas Carburizing, Hardening, Tempering, Normalizing and Surface treatment.

Foreign Collaboration
  • Collaborated with M K Morse.
  • Company(USA) to set-up and operate authorized weld center for Bandsaw Blades at our CHAKAN Plan.